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How do I add funds using Online Banking?

  1. Open your Mido Wallet
  2. Select the amount you would like to load into your Mido Wallet then tap Load $XX.XX 
  3. Select Online Banking
  4. Select your bank (If you don't see your bank, you can search for it by clicking All other banks
  5. Sign into your online banking account 
  6. Complete the Second Factor Authentication process (if this is enabled for your bank)
  7. You'll now see your account in the Mido Wallet. Click Load $XX.XX again to finalize your transfer. The funds will be applied immediately.

At no point does Mido Lotto have access to your online banking credentials. We are unable to assist with forgotten user names or passwords. Assistance logging into your bank accounts should be sought from your bank directly.

From this screen you can also:

  • Delete an account
  • Add an additional account
  • Select your default account

If your banking credentials change or you've been inactive for a period of time, you may need to go through the verification process again. If your account details have changed, it's best to remove the old account and add it again.

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